All teams’ latest shirts for 2018 World Cup Russia (first part)

2018 World Cup, the sports event held every 4 years, is forthcoming and will start on 14th Jun. All teams’ shirts for World Cup final week have been showing up. iBET has also prepared special events for World Cup Betting and offers you chances to win BMW iBET and Nissan GT-R.

In Jun. this year, a series of colorful national team shirts will be widely spread around the globe, getting admiration, triggering conspiracy and chaos. World Cup has always been the stage for national teams to show their shirts, and 2018 World Cup won’t be an exception. Let’s see which shirts will be shown in World Cup this time! How can one not be wearing the shirt of the team he supports to watch the matches?


The Aztec Eagle is going to put on the brand-new green shirts for the matches in Russia this summer. The new shirt features a perfect balance between vintage and innovation, such as the classic ribbed collar with outstanding white facing and Adidas’ three victorious white stripes on the shoulder. What’s more, on the back of the collar, there’s a famous Mexican motto – “I’m Mexican” (Soy México). The Monumento a la Revolución in Mexico City is a meaningful place for all Mexicans. Adidas held a special event by using the motto “I’m Mexican” (Soy México) to express Mexicans’ strong confidence in joining the World Cup.


Russia national team’s new shirts come with the motto “Вместе К Победе”. The lining of collar uses three colors: white, blue, and red, and is decorated with the golden, double-headed eagle. This summer is the first time for Russia to kick off the World Cup as the host. The design of Russia’s new shirt is derived from their great success in the past. The combination of vintage and innovation has fully represented the strong image as the host of World Cup.


As for the Belgium, the origin of recent star football players, their national team, the Red Devils, is going to wear new shirts for the forthcoming World Cup. The design of new shirts comes from the classic shirt in 80s and combines the colors of the national flag of Belgium, black, yellow, and red, and the advanced technology and innovative design of the 21st century.

iBET will stay tuned with the World Cup with you. We’re going to offer a series of analysis of World Cup for your convenience to utilize in World Cup Betting.

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